Un-named book

I’m writing a book!

This site is a placeholder for an as-yet-unnamed book. Why the mystery? I’m still learning about what will work best for (you) my audience, so the name is not yet decided.

What’s it about?

It’s all about becoming a leader and influencer in a technical field—IT, Digital, Engineering, etc…

Another leadership book… Why??

Although there are some really excellent books about leadership, there are none that deal with the specific challenges faced by those in technical fields or written for those who come from a technical background.

It’s a hard road for us technically-minded professionals to make the kind of impact we’d like to make and the income we know we deserve. This book will map out the journey and give practical advice as to how you can get where you want to go.

What will the book cover?

When you start your career in a technical role, you find you become extremely good at solving problems. You then apply this thinking to the business problems you hear about around you and find you have a gift for solving those also.

Unfortunately, no one else cares!

They don’t listen. At best, they smile and nod attentively and wait for you to finish, then expect you to go back to churning out technical solutions. Over time, you also get the sense you’re not being financially rewarded as you should for the expertise you bring to the table.

This book will provide step by step guidance to those who are looking to increase their influence and impact in the workplace by transitioning into leadership and management roles to increase your income, and using communication and interpersonal skills that mean your ideas will be heard, and acted on!

As you progress your career, you’ll find yourself wanting to move into new and different roles. Your leadership style needs to adapt to be able to retain influence outside of your comfort zone. The book will also addresses these transitions so you can be a leader and an influencer in your new technical industry.

This book is the answer for those people who have always wanted to be heard and respected in their field but didn’t know where to start.

Who’s the book for?

The book will focus on the leadership journey for 3 different types of reader:

  • Become a Tech Lead
    Those who have a technical background and would like to become influencers in their field.
  • Become a Technical Manager
    Those who have a technical background and would like to manage technical teams.
  • Become a Non-Technical Manager
    Those who come from outside the technical field and would like to manage technical teams.

This book is not intended for leaders and managers in non-technical fields. If that is what you are looking for, there are many books on the broader subject of leadership and management better suited to your needs.

You will get the most value from the book if you are willing to take action. Leadership is a journey. This book will give you the clarity of what’s in front of you and the confidence and motivation to take the next step.

Technical professionals
Andrew Ramsden

About the author

Andrew Ramsden started his career as a web developer and systems administrator and has since transitioned into leadership roles within his field, then management roles in digital and technology and finally into executive roles outside this field.

But he’s still first-and-foremost a geek.

Andrew is passionate about helping others make similar transitions and realise their leadership potential.

Recognised in Australia as a leading expert in Digital Strategy and Government Transformation, Andrew regularly appears as a keynote speaker, conference facilitator and chair.

Pursuing his passion for organisational transformation and leadership development, Andrew founded Alpha Transform. Alpha Transform provide culture, strategy and leadership development training and services to accelerate digital transformation and embed innovation as BAU in your organisation.

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